SHERBERT PRODUCTIONS: ICZER-C: The Untold Story (Parts 1 and 2)

ICZER-C: The Untold Story (Parts 1 and 2)

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ICZER-C: The Untold Story is probably still our most original and technically complex parody to date. The idea for it came as we were watching the first episode of the ICZER-3 OVA series, and the general consensus of the audience (ourselves included) was, "My God! The ICZER-3 character is basically C-KO with super powers".

To do it, we had to have access to 3/4 inch Video Editing equipment again, and overcome some other minor technical problems to create it. Using the six episode ICZER-3 OVA series (totaling 3 hours running length); Corellian chopped and rearranged it into two 30 minute OVA's that eventually became ICZER-C: The Untold Story [Parts 1 and 2]. After about a year of preparation, we finally got to the point where we did the voice over.

During the Post Production phase of the project, Corellian LOST access to the 3/4 inch Video Editing equipment we had been using (because of some politics that had been occurring at Pasadena City College); and the sad part of this was, we were at the mixdown stage. The mixdown stage is where all the audio is on your work tape (in synch and everything), and the only thing left to do is ride the audio levels of all your audio tracks as you record it on to your Master tape. (Once you have the Master tape, you use it to create the VHS copies that you stick in a consumer VCR).

Corellian and Phillip tried for over a month to find someone who would be able and willing to donate access time to some 3/4 inch equipment to finish the project before Anime Expo 1992, with no success. So, Phillip (unwilling to throw away over a year's worth of work), paid $480.00 for one day at a professional editing facility, and ICZER-C: The Untold Story was completed two days before the start of Anime Expo 1992.

There was a funny aspect to all this as well. While Phillip and Corellian were finishing the project at the Editing Facility, there was a group in a suite across the hall who were putting together a Music Video. Occasionally, one of the editors from the other suite would either stand just outside the doorway, or pop his head in. They were all trying find out just what the hell Corellian and Phillip were working on, since they could clearly hear the music, sound effects, and dialog. Based on the comments that could be heard from the other suite, the other editors were wondering if someone had done a sequel to the movie ALIENS, and were wondering if they were working on a direct to video release of it or something.

In 1992 when we took ICZER-C: The Untold Story to Anime Expo, we were honestly just planning to hold a Video Party in our room every night of the Con, and show our work (especially ICZER-C) there. These plans were changed after our first room showing when a member of the Anime Expo staff who had been watching asked us a question.

He asked, "Would you guys like to show this stuff in the main room on a 10 foot Big Screen T.V.?". We replied with an enthusiastic "Hell YES!" In talking about it further, we found out that this year the Con staff was going to try something called Midnight Madness where they planned to show fan made Music Videos, and the works of some Fan-Subtitling groups. To be perfectly honest, when the staffer first took us to the people in charge, they were not enthusiastic about the idea. This was because they didn't think much about the quality of the Fan Parodies they had seen to date.

If it weren't for the assistance of people like Jerry Shaw and Ed Goodwin, we might have never gotten our shot at Midnight Madness, but the Video Crew relented, and gave us a two hour block on Friday night. Funny thing is, ten minutes into ICZER-C, the Video Crew moved from the VCR area (which didn't have a very good view of the Big Screen), to some seats near the front of the room. When our Dirty Pair parodies came up; as soon as they had set the audio levels, they did the same thing. As far as audience response, we got a standing ovation for both ICZER-C, and Dirty Pair II.

Also, at the end of the show, one of the Video Crew members came up to Phillip Sral and said, "To be honest, you guys did one hell of a lot better then the Professional company that did MACROSS II." (Which at that time, no one in Sherbert had yet seen). We have since been told that it was because of the response we got that they allowed other Fan Parody groups (such as VFX) to show stuff in subsequent years of Midnight Madness at Anime America. (Although at Anime America 1995, Midnight Madness was completely taken over by the legitimate subbing and dubbing companies). But for us, the opportunity presented to Fan Groups at Midnight Madness was fun while it lasted.

Iczer-1Nikki Cameron
Doc GreyWinderemere (a.k.a. Cassie)
Captain CandyCaroline Perkins
MeganDoc Weyr
Ensign KimbaPhillip Sral
Doctor NissanLaserman
Harmony GoldShea Owlsfeather
Sigourney the WeaverNikki Cameron
Sergeant PepperCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)
MetallicaWinderemere (a.k.a. Cassie)
Iczer-BYuri (a.k.a. Steve, Celia, and B-KO)

Executive ProducersCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy) and Phillip Sral
Production CoordinatorPhillip Sral
Original ScreenplayCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)
DirectorShea Owlsfeather
Script SupervisorPhillip Sral
Music SelectionChew E. Bacca (a.k.a. Corellian Jones, Dr. McCoy)
FoleyPhillip Sral, Winderemere (a.k.a. Cassie), Corellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)
Computer Graphics3D Man (Backseat Video)
EditorCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)


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