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Sherbert Productions has always prided itself on trying to do stuff it hasn't done before, and Ranma 69 certainly qualifies. Over the years, Johnny Zed had brought up the fact that nobody had ever done a Cream Lemon, and thought that if we did something that wasn't too blatant (like Pop Chasers), we might get a good response. Believe it or not, Phillip and Corellian were receptive. When we presented the idea to some of our more adventurous female voice actresses, we found that they might be willing to do it. Anyway, one day in 1992 (a year before we even saw what would eventually become Ranma 1/2: Summer Vacation), Corellian brought home a copy of Ogenki Clinic, and got together with Phillip Sral to watch certain portions of it. Corellian had heard one of the characters looked like the female Ranma, and he was curious.

After watching the tape for a bit, Phillip jokingly said,"You know, that nurse does look like the female Ranma 10 years later. Hey, it's on Laser Disc, maybe we should do this as a Ranma parody." To which Corellian replied, "Oh, Shut up!". At one point in the tape, a big-breasted nurse with big eyes and black hair appeared on the screen, and Phillip said, "Look, it's even got Akane in it." To which Corellian replied, "Shut up!...Oh Jeez, the male doctor almost looks like Kuno.", to which Phillip said, "Oh my God, this thing could actually work, and you've been saying that you really want to do a Ranma parody, but it's not on Laserdisc. Well, here's something that is." Actually, at the time Phillip was half joking about doing this. Also, Corellian firmly believed that even though our female actresses said that they might be willing to do a Cream Lemon, this stuff was a bit more explicit.

Corellian then made Phillip a bet to shut him up and end the discussion. They both concluded that they needed at least 3 female voice actresses to make this work. Corellian said that if Phillip could get 3 of their female voice actresses to agree, he would come up with a video master and a script to dub. Corellian was sure that Phillip would never be able to get 3 of the girls to agree to this, but less than a week later Phillip came back and said, "I got 4 of them to agree, and ALL I did was ask and nothing more." Corellian was in shock, and Phillip was laughing his head off (because he also thought they'd never get the girls to agree, and wasn't planning to push the idea when he asked them. However, with the way it turned out, he didn't have to). Anyway, Corellian did come up with a video, and a script, and this project was actually slated to begin production in January of 1993.

Luckily however, Corellian and Phillip went to a meeting of the CFO-LA Anime Club. At the meeting, they saw the Ranma Movie #2 entitled Battle at Tegenku, Bring Back the Brides on Laserdisc,. They then decided to shelve Ranma 69 in favor of this OVA. One year later, they completed and premiered the result, Ranma 1/2: Summer Vacation at Confurence 5 (1994). It was there that the Con Committee approached them because they had caught wind of the Ranma 69 project earlier, and REALLY wanted to see it completed. Corellian did say that it was now next on our slate of things to do, but he didn't know if he'd actually go through with finishing it. It was then that some Con Committee members offered us money if we'd complete it (which we turned down without a second thought). Corellian then stated that if the actresses were all still willing, we'd have it by Confurence 6 the next year.

Corellian and Phillip dragged their feet a bit, but by the summer of 1994, we were doing the voice over for Ranma 69. Absent from the Crew however was Shea Owlsfeather who refused to be involved with the project due to his personal beliefs. He wasn't angry at the rest of the crowd, and said he'd be happy to direct again if we got back to doing normal parodies (so to speak); but that he would not be a part of the project. So Phillip Sral assumed the directing chores for this one (but believe me, he didn't really spend a lot of time with any scene in this thing, he just wanted to get it over with).

Post production went REAL SLOW because Corellian's heart just wasn't in this, but in January of 1995, Ranma 69 was completed and ready to show. It was premiered at Confurence 6 to a packed video room (go figure), but other than that, we really don't really attempt to show it at any Convention other than Confurence. (Hey, they asked for it.)

In 1995, when Corellian and Phillip went to Anime America in San Jose, something interesting did happen. They honestly did not plan to show Ranma 69, but kept a copy in the case they use to carry their tapes around. They arrived at the Red Lion hotel at about 12 midnight after driving about 7 hours. They checked into the hotel, and as they approached their room, they saw a sign on a door just 3 doors down from their room. The sign read Team-H Hentai Party (18 and over welcome). Once they dropped the rest of the stuff in their room, Corellian grabbed the tape of Ranma 69 and said, "What the hell, it's practically next door, and if there's a group of people who will appreciate this thing, they're it." So he and Phillip went 3 doors down to the Team-H party, and showed the video to a rather enthusiastic audience.

As a matter of fact, a member of the group approached them the following evening and asked if they would mind showing it at the Team-H party again, since some people had left early the night before and missed it. They complied. So, Ranma 69 was actually shown twice at Anime America 1995. (go figure)
At a Midnight showing of Ranma 69 at Anime America 1996, we had over 80 people (no lie) crowed into our hotel room watching the thing. (Once again I say: "go figure")

Female RanmaNikki Cameron
Male RanmaCorellian Jones
She-Male RanmaUrsula von Wasserturm
ShampooUrsula von Wasserturm
GrammyUrsula von Wasserturm
KunoSouffle' Lewis
LeonArslay P. Sherbster
Network RepresentativeLaserman
LumUrsula von Wasserturm
AtaruCorellian Jones
MendoDaed d' Wolf
BobSouffle' Lewis
MousemanPhillip Sral

Executive ProducersCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy) and Phillip Sral
Production CoordinatorPhillip Sral
Original ScreenplayCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)
DirectorPhillip Sral
Script SupervisorPhillip Sral
Music SelectionChew E. Bacca (a.k.a. Corellian Jones, Dr. McCoy)
FoleyCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)
Computer GraphicsMr. Chyron
EditorCorellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)


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