SHERBERT Copy Distribution Policy

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As the spokesperson for Sherbert Productions, it falls upon me to tell people the following:

At this time we do not distribute copies of our work to anyone outside of those involved with a given production of ours.

This is due to the fact that early on (when I was considering distributing copies to local clubs and such), I had a few scares that caused me to decide that it was not worth the possible legal repercussions. One of these incidents was perpetrated by three fans posing as Lawyers over the phone (and they did have it down pretty good -since at that time I had worked in the LA County Courts for 2 years). After about a week (and 5 calls); one of them slipped up, and admitted it was a hoax in an attempt to get one of our works. HOWEVER I lived the stress of that week (and have no desire to do so again). Then, at Anime Expo 1992, I was approached by Robert Woodhead himself (who had sat in the audience, and watched our Urusei Yatsura Parody). He personally said that he didn't have a problem with our showing stuff that he owned the rights to, as long as he got a copy of it from us, AND no other copies got out. He said, "If that happens I might have to consider some sort of legal action". Needless to say, he does have a copy of everything we've done that he owns the rights to. Because of these incidents, and the creation of the J.A.I.L.E.D. organization (which Robert Woodhead and AnimEigo are a member of), as well as the recent stand of ASCAP regarding songs sung at summer camps, and songs sung by the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America coupled with the fact that we are also using American feature film and pop music in our parodies; I am VERY paranoid about distributing any copies outside of our group.

So, unless the 'fair use' copyright laws change in the near future to treat Video Parodies much like they do Pop Music Parodies; I will not do so.

I can only hope that people don't consider me too much of an A$$hole for this, but I do hope you can see where I'm coming from (even though you may or may not agree with my position).

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