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We are now in the post production phase of "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers". This parody is a sequel to Iczer-C: The Untold Story.

It's DONE! (Only took 10 years, more or less).We will be PREMIERING the parody at Fanime Con 2010. See the SHERBERT PRODUCTIONS: SHERBERT Stuff will be Shown at... page for more details on that.

PRODUCTION REPORT #8 - 3/14/2009
It's been an EVEN LONGER time (7 years, 8 months!) since our last report. Some very nasty real life issues caused us to shut down production; but in November of 2007; enough people finally got over those issues, and expressed an interest in completing what we had started with this project back in 1999. In addition to completing the needed voice over scenes; we upgraded our video and audio editing capabilities to a 100% digital system; and since it had been such a long time since we had last worked on this, tweaked and redid parts of the script to bring it more up to date in terms of some of the jokes; reworked some of the music, and since we had the ability and someone willing to put in the work; added some new original video effects and content which we think enhances the project. At this point, the voice over and music tracks are laid down; and we're working on adding the sound effects and completing the remaining video effects we have planned. We will be showing a "Work In Progress" of the parody at Anizona 2009. See the SHERBERT PRODUCTIONS: SHERBERT Stuff will be Shown at... page for more details on that.

It's been a long time since our last report, but at this point, all parts have been cast, and we had our first Voice Over session back in February of 2001. It went very well, but real life intruded yet again, forcing us to put things in a holding pattern since then. We still plan on finishing 'Mighty 'Morphin Iczer Rangers' as soon as people have the free time to devote top the Project. We do hope to get another round of Voice Over sessions going; possibly in August.

PRODUCTION REPORT #6 - 10/19/2000
Well, it's taking a bit longer to complete the casting then we thought (stuff like this happens when you have 17 distinct Female parts). We have finished the majority of it though, have no shortage of volunteers, and hope to have the three remaining minor parts cast soon. It's also taken slightly longer than expected to get our new voice over location set up and ready to go. We hope to start the actual voice over sessions for this project sometime in November of 2000.

In starting to update this page with our latest Production Report, I noticed it has been 366 days since our last report. We are definitely still committed to this project, and will complete it, but this goes to show what real life can do to projected time tables :) - It's been a busy year in real life for a number of the people involved with Sherbert Productions. With that said, here's our latest Production Report:

Corellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy) and Phillip Sral completed the final version of the voice over script for "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers" in November of 1999 (Phillip assisted Corellian with scripting the last twenty minutes worth of video). The script is currently being transcribed for reproduction by Winderemere (a.k.a. Cassie). She expects to complete transcription of the script by the end of July, 2000. We would expect to complete casting in August, and to begin actual voice recording in September if all goes well.

With regard to the actual Video Master and Soundtrack, Corellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy) has done quite a bit. He has completed the final video portion AS WELL AS all of the music and sound effects editing required for the entire video. (We showed this 'Work in Progress' to an audience at Confurence 11 this past April; and it was very well received.) This means that once the voice over sessions are completed, we will immediately proceed to the final mix down stage. It is very possible that we will premiere "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers" at Fanime Con 2001.

With the exception of some key frame animation that needs to be created and added to the final scene, Corellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy) has completed the video master of "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers". We hope to complete casting and begin actual voice-over sessions near the start of the year 2000.

PRODUCTION REPORT #3 - 1/23/1999
Corellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy) has completed putting together the first six minutes of the video master of "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers". The completed portion involved cameo appearences by Kei and Yuri (a.k.a. The Dirty Pair). He also completed the accompanying voice over script for these six minutes. On Saturday, January 16, 1999, we completed two cameo voice over scenes for "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers". We had both of the original voice actresses return to reprise their roles originally seen in Dirty Pair: The Arrest of Mr. Macek and Dirty Pair II "The Dirty Pair Does Disneyland". The actress who calls herself B-KO (a.k.a. Steve, Celia, and Yuri) has continued to participate in Sherbert Productions to the present day. The actress known as Two-Bit had bowed out of Sherbert Productions in 1991, but agreed to come back for this project, and to also do a couple of scenes as Kei for the Dirty Pair Special Edition. Both Phillip Sral and Corellian Jones were pleased by this turn of events.. We don't plan to do any further production work on "Mighty Morphin' Iczer Rangers" until all work on the Dirty Pair Special Edition has been completed.

PRODUCTION REPORT #2 - 12/8/1998
Corellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy) has finished the edit decision list for the final Video Master, and has the prologue scripted. We will probably voice this prologue at the same time we do the voice over for the Dirty Pair Special Edition.

PRODUCTION REPORT #1 - 1/24/1997
At this point, Corellian Jones (a.k.a. Chew E. Bacca, Dr. McCoy)has a basic story outline, and is creating an edit decision list of various video sources to create a Video Master. Once this is complete, he will begin work on the voice over script.


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