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Read Synopses of our Parodies

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A Note to the Reader:
In writing these synopses of our work, I have tried to give the basic plot of each parody along with a feel for some of the humor each story has. However, there is a fair amount of stuff I've left out, or not gone into very much detail about. This is because in the long run, I hope that someone reading these synopses who hasn't actually seen our work will still be interested in doing so; and also want to allow them to see it without knowing every joke or nuance beforehand.

Also, at the end of each synopsis is a link to a page containing some behind the scenes stuff that occurred while we were making the parody, any interesting incidents that have occurred while showing that particular parody over the years, and a Cast and Crew list for that parody.

With that in mind, here are the synopses of our parodies:

"The Arrest of Mr. Macek"
and the
"Arrest of Mr. Macek" - SPECIAL EDITION
"Attack Sherbert"
"The Dirty Pair Does Disneyland"
"The Untold Story (Parts 1 and 2)"
"Summer Vacation"
and the
"Summer Vacation" - SPECIAL EDITION
"7-Zark-7 Must Die!"
"Bring me the Head of Sandy Frank!"

DIRTY PAIR: The Arrest of Mr. Macek
and the
Arrest of Mr. Macek - SPECIAL EDITION

(1989/1999) - The very first parody Sherbert Productions ever did. The Special Edition opens with the Sentencing Phase of the trial of Jameson Brewer. For the crime of writing the "Battle of the Planets" T.V. series, Brewer is imprisoned in the Kodak Zone. One year after Jameson Brewer's trial, on the Planet Jupiter, the person some people consider the Anime Anti-Christ (i.e. Carl Macek) is up to no good. He has captured a bunch of ROBOTECH (tm) fans from Conventions around the country, and is forcing them to watch ROBOTECH: The Sentinels (tm), until he gets a favorable review. Carl's old pal Exador (who was locked up after demanding a raise) has had enough, and organizes a preview house riot.

Meanwhile, back at 3WA headquarters, Kei (in the midst of writing a letter to Adam Warren and Toren Smith threatening to "come over there and blow their brains out!"), and Yuri (in the midst of attempting to lure a poor unsuspecting co-worker into bed); are sent out to the preview house on Jupiter to Arrest Mr. Macek for the ruthless butchery of Japanese Animation. Once at Jupiter, they find that the Anime Police Division of the G.I. Joe Team is already in orbit preparing to take Mr. Macek in as well. Yuri then makes an interesting bet with Flint, namely that the Dirty Pair will capture Macek first, or she'll sleep with every member of the G.I. Joe Team. With that the race is on, and both teams launch and descend to the preview house.

At about the same time, the former preview house prisoners are attempting to break into Carl Macek's Japanese Animation Vault, and get their hands on some real Anime (which they have been deprived of for so long). Back in his old cell, Exador is attempting to get the combination from Macek, as the G.I. Joe Team attempts a direct assault on the preview house, and Kei and Yuri attempt to sneak in the back way. Exador is just about to turn up the pressure when Kei and Yuri show up. They place Mr. Macek under arrest, and just to be certain their are no objections from Exador and his gang, Kei fires a Bazooka shell into the cell as they leave. As they are escorting Mr. Macek back to their ship, they are ambushed by Exador and his men. In the confusion, Mr. Macek manages to grab a gun, and make it back to the Main Control Room before Kei can catch him.

Using a ROBOTECH(tm) Ring (given to her as an engagement present by Q); Yuri blasts her way into the Control Room, knocking Macek unconscious in the process. Kei drags his unconscious body to the Protoculture mining facility at the rear of Mr. Macek's complex. As they toss his body into a mine car (for the trip to their ship), they are fired upon by an enraged Exador who really wants Mr. Macek. Undaunted, Kei and Yuri simply duck low, and activate the mine car to take it to their ship. They figure the worst is over until Yuri spots Exador following them in a mine car of his own. After Kei attempts to blow Exador away, but misses, Yuri again attempts to use her ROBOTECH(tm) Ring, however, it misfires and the energy bolt strikes the top of a mountain. Upon seeing this, Exador steps up his rate of fire, but all three of them are surprised when they see the same mountain top Yuri's ring just blasted about to fall on them, and crush them flat. However, in characteristic Dirty Pair fashion, the mountain lands between them and Exador, allowing Kei and Yuri to escape, but killing Exador when his mine car strikes it, and bursts into a ball of flame.

The video ends with Flint saying:

"Kei and Yuri, you've just completed your mission. What's next?"

To which both Kei and Yuri respond by saying:

"We're going to...Disneyland!"

(30 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Dirty Pair: The Arrest of Mr. Macek" and the SPECIAL EDITION

URUSEI YATSURA: Attack Sherbert

(1990) - Our story opens with Yuki, Ban-ten, Lum, and Ran doing some sight seeing on Yuki's home world. They encounter a flock of "birds" (for lack of a better term) that seem to have ice cream cones for beaks. When Ran asks Yuki what these things are called, Yuki replies "They are called Sherberts". Yuki then shows the others that if you pull out a Sherbert-bird's beak, you then have an ice cream cone in your hand, and the bird's beak regenerates in a few seconds. Through a combination of fast-talking, and a bit of mis communication on both ends, Ran gets Yuki to allow her to take one of the Sherbert-birds home as a pet.

They proceed back to Yuki's palace where Yuki gives Ran a few instructions on the care and feeding of a Sherbert-bird. A short time later, Lum and Ban-ten find out that Ran is running an ice cream stand, and is using her new pet as her sole source of supply. Lum and Ban-ten decide to stick around and see if Ran will manage to make an ass out of herself like she usually does. Their patience is soon rewarded as they notice that the Sherbert-bird is beginning to get visibly upset about being used as an ice cream machine. Lum makes the question/comment, "Gee, I wonder if she's stupid enough to open that cage one more time?", and right on que, Ran does so, and the Sherbert-bird begins to peck at her unmercifully.

In the ensuing melee, the Sherbert-bird fires its cone beak like a missile. Ran manages to dodge it, but the cone projectile strikes a tree about one half of an inch from Ban-ten's head. Ban-ten responds to this by moving to attack the Sherbert-bird, as Lum tries to calm her down. In self defense, the Sherbert-bird fires another projectile, which strikes Lum in the top of her head, and causes her to release an uncontrolled lightning burst that causes the Sherbert-bird to fly off. Ran gets Lum to go after the bird, but as soon as the creature notices that it's being followed, it lets off another barrage of cone projectiles. Lum manages to dodge these, but Ban-ten (now calm again) watches in horror as these wayward cone projectiles strike her brand new Air-Bike, causing superficial, but very visible damage.

Ban-ten literally explodes, and decides that she is going to kill the wayward Sherbert-bird. Meanwhile, Ran (who believes Lum will soon return with the Sherbert-bird in tow), returns to her ship to begin counting her profits. She is visited by Yuki who is wondering where the Sherbert bird is. Ran quickly responds that Lum is out exercising the little creature. Yuki then informs Ran that she believes removing the Sherbert-bird from its natural habitat was a mistake, and that she wants the bird returned. Yuki then asks, "at what time do you expect Lum to be back?" To which Ran replies, "Ummm...Four o-clock?" Yuki then says "I shall return."

Ran, now realizing she's in big trouble, mounts her own search for the Sherbert-bird. She finds Lum, who then tells her that Ban-ten is chasing the bird, and that Ban-ten looked "really pissed". Lum and Ran eventually find Ban-ten (much worse for wear) just as she is about to wipe the Sherbert-bird out of existence. Just as Ran warns Ban-ten that if she shoots the bird, Yuki will take revenge on BOTH of them, Yuki appears, blissfully unaware of what has really been going on. Ban-ten informs Yuki that the bird trashed her new Air-Bike, and she's going to make it pay for what it did. Yuki then makes the suggestion that since Ran is the one responsible, let her pay for a replacement Air-Bike. Ban-Ten agrees, and whistling a unique but familiar tune, Yuki calls the Sherbert-bird to her, and returns it home. (30 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Urusei Yatsura: Attack Sherbert"

DIRTY PAIR II: The Dirty Pair Does Disneyland

(1991) - The story opens with a number of Disney characters and employees stating their plans to make the Disney Company (and Disneyland) pay for wrongs it has done them. Kei and Yuri are standing on the roof of the Disneyland hotel lying in wait for a flying-truck that contains a very special cargo. Kei laments the fact that when Presley said they were going to Disneyland, she didn't think it would be on a mission. Yuri doesn't think it's that bad, since it helps her keep her mind off of "Q", who broke off their engagement.

Kei then spots the flying-truck, and the Pair don their jet-packs, and fly off to capture it. They blast their way into the cockpit, but are thrown to the floor when the pilot engages full thrust. Things are not looking good for Kei and Yuri until the driver says, "The Dirty Pair eh? You two look much prettier in the comic book...", which enrages Kei, and causes her to spring into action saying, "The comic-book? Why you no good scum bag!" However, in the ensuing melee, the control panel gets blasted, sending the truck crashing to the ground.

Miraculously, Kei and Yuri emerge without a scratch, and contact Presley. He chews them out and orders them to check on the cargo. Upon entering the truck's cargo hold, they find an empty container, and a gaping hole. Upon checking the footprints leading away from the hole, they can see that whatever it is has made a bee-line straight for Disneyland.

When the 3WA cleanup team arrives to salvage what's left of the truck, Presley informs Kei and Yuri about the truck's cargo. Presley tells them that when Walt Disney died, his brain was put in cryogenic suspension. Recently, the RAND Corporation found a way to communicate with it, and when Walt heard about what Michael Eisner was doing, he asked to have his brain put into the body of a Terminator. Presley also tells them that Walt said that if he found Disneyland to be too corrupted by Eisner, he would destroy it at midnight. Kei and Yuri's mission, stop the Terminator, but don't hurt Walt's brain.

With that in mind, Kei and Yuri begin a trek through Disneyland, unwittingly foiling a number of attempts by disgruntled former Disneyland employees (as well as some Iraqi Terrorists) to either rob, or get even with the management. They manage to catch up with the Terminator just as he embarks upon his "final decision". Using some powerful fireworks that are part of Disneyland's 35th anniversary celebration, they manage to disable the Terminator, return Walt Disney's brain to cryogenic suspension, and save Disneyland. (30 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Dirty Pair II: The Dirty Pair Does Disneyland"

ICZER-C: The Untold Story (Parts 1 and 2)

(1992) - Years earlier, ICZER-1 destroyed Big Gold to save the planet Earth. Now Big Gold's brother, Harmony Gold, has brought an army of villains with him (who on their way here happened to destroy a Space Liner carrying C-KO of Project A-KO fame) to exact revenge on ICZER-1 and Earth. Problem is, ICZER-1 has a massive hangover, and is in no shape to help Earth defend itself. After a vicious attack ICZER-1 realizes she must do something, and Doc Grey has just completed an experiment that might help.

It seems that Doc Grey recently found a perfectly preserved brain floating among some space debris. She took that brain, and transplanted into an ICZER body. Even though tests show the brain to be somewhat inferior, Doc Grey believes that the new ICZER should be more than a match for Harmony Gold's goons. ICZER-1 agrees, and ICZER-C is launched from the planet Iczer to help defend Earth until ICZER-1 has recovered.

ICZER-C ends up on Earth's Moon where the last surviving group of humans is fighting for their lives against a group of space Aliens commanded by Sigourney the Weaver. ICZER-C manages to defeat Sigourney and her Aliens; and the group heads back to Earth to search for any other possible survivors. Once there, ICZER-C teams up with Nagisa to defeat an insect wielding monster. Although the pair is victorious, at the end of the battle, Nagisa is left in a coma, end PART ONE ends as ICZER-C attempts to revive the fallen Nagisa.

In PART TWO, ICZER-C fights an enemy from her past, as well as a new threat she has never before encountered. Meanwhile, ICZER-1 (now recovered from her hangover), confronts the evil Harmony Gold for the final showdown. Just as all hope for ICZER-1 and the Earth seems lost, ICZER-C shows up and actually manages to save the day, and defeat Harmony Gold once and for all. In the end ICZER-1 and ICZER-C return to their home world, leaving Nagisa and the rest to re-populate the Earth. (60 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Iczer-C: The Untold Story (Parts 1 and 2)"

RANMA 1/2: Summer Vacation
and the
Summer Vacation - SPECIAL EDITION

(1994/1997) - Kuno has bought himself a Yacht, and invited Ranma Satome and the gang for a 3 hour cruise. En route to Hawaii, they encounter a storm, and are shipwrecked on a small island. At first, their main problem is the fact that Kuno's yacht is unrepairable (thanks to Ranma and Happosai); but soon something more ominous occurs. The female members of the group begin disappearing one by one, until only Ranma, Akane, and Grammy remain.

The guys then decide to set a trap using the female Ranma as bait. The trap works, and soon they are face to face with the young perpetrator of the abductions, Indiana Solo. Indy is unwilling to return the females, but offers a trade. In his possession is a flask containing a magic elixir that can make anyone's wishes come true. Once the power of the elixir is demonstrated, Ranma and the gang attempt to overpower Indy so that they can use it to remove their various curses. It is then that they discover the true powers of Indiana Solo. Indy abducts Akane, and leaves the rest of the group unconscious.

When Ranma recovers, she and the gang head off to Indiana's hidden fortress to rescue the women, and get the magic elixir. The female Ranma infiltrates the fortress, finds Akane, Nibiki, and the rest (along with about 100 other women). She then discovers the reason behind the abductions, Indy is looking for a wife. Ranma then hits on an idea. If she becomes the "chosen one", she may get an opportunity to grab the flask. So, she decides to compete with the others in a series of tests Indy has devised to find his ideal mate. However, the plan backfires when Indy chooses Akane as his bride. He then allows his guards to take all the other women, and do what they will with them.

When the female Ranma attempts to confront Indy, and force him to change his mind regarding his choice of a bride, she says a few things that really angers Akane, and as a result, Indy transports Akane and himself to his inner sanctum deep within the fortress. Ranma then joins up with the males of the group, and goes in search of the missing females.

Kuno, Ryoga and Donald all manage to find and rescue the other women, while Ranma (now male) goes off to find Akane. He confronts Indy, and learns the location of the source for Indy's magic elixir. Indy then grabs Akane, and heads off to that source in a mine car with Ranma close behind. In the ensuing fight, Ranma causes the mine car to de-rail and fall into the pool of magic elixir hundreds of feet below. Indy is left hanging onto the remains of the track to keep from falling, while Ranma and Akane plunge to certain doom.

Ranma then uses a power we've NEVER seen before to blast the magic pool in such a way to create a geyser that breaks their fall. In the end, Indy apologizes for his actions, and the gang is rescued end returns home.

In the last scene, Nibiki turns to Soun and asks:

"Do you think SHERBERT will ever do a sequel?"

To which Soun replies:

"I don't think you really want the answer to that."

(60 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Ranma 1/2: Summer Vacation" and the SPECIAL EDITION


(1995) - It's 10 years later. Ranma Satome and friends have grown up, and blossomed into adulthood. The female Ranma and Kuno have opened a sex clinic to solve peoples intimate problems. See what happens when Akane returns to town, and wait until you witness the revenge of Shampoo's older sister. (This parody was done using footage from "Ogenki-Clinic") [Needless to say this one is DEFINITELY X-RATED, AND ONLY ADULTS 18 years of age or older will be admitted to any Screenings] (25 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Ranma 69"

7-Zark-7 Must Die!

(1996) - The story opens with Elvis (who is alive, and now working for the Japanese) calling Ken, and the other members of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman together. Once everyone is assembled aboard the Phoenix, Elvis informs them of their assigned mission. In 1978, an American by the name of Sandy Frank bought the rights to the original "Ninja Team Gatchaman" T.V. series. He edited out all the fight sequences, and replaced them with some really bad Hanna-Barbera style animation featuring a group of impostors. The impostors are named Mark, Jason, Princess, Keop, and Tiny. Sandy Frank also added two new characters named 7-Zark-7 and 1-Rover-1. Elvis tells the Ninja Team Gatchaman that these impostors are currently hiding out in their base called Center Neptune, and the Ninja Team Gatchaman's assignment is to destroy this base. Ryu sets course for Center Neptune, and the hunt is on.

Meanwhile at Center Neptune, Susan the Early Warning System informs 7-Zark-7 the original Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman are approaching. Zark then contacts his G-Force team, to inform them of the danger. The Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman easily destroy the Robot-Drones launched by Zark, and prepare to fire an F-91 100 megaton nuclear missile. After a couple of failed attempts by Zark to get his G-Force to board their Phoenix, he finally believes he's succeeded when Mark and Princess appear in his control center. Zark asks, "What are you doing here? You should be on the Phoenix!" To which Princess replies, "But Zark, we couldn't leave without saying goodbye to you first." As Joe launches the F-91 missile, Zark says, "We are going to die." The F-91 then arcs across the sky, hits, and destroys Center Neptune.

At TNT's undersea base off the coast of Georgia, Jane Fonda is informed that the Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman appeared, and destroyed Sandy Frank's G-Force. She is also told that "we of the Turner Network may be next." Jane then asks if Ted Turner is aware of the situation, and is informed that he has been briefed, and is hiding out at his base on Macross Island. When Jane asks what options are available to resolve this crisis, Dr. No responds that the Turner Network has been "developing the New and Improved G-Force". He then proceeds to introduce Hootie, Dirk Daring, Agatha June, and their leader Ace Goodheart. This "New and Improved G-Force" is then dispatched to Macross Island to protect Turner. Back aboard the Phoenix, Elvis informs the Japanese Gatchaman that their next target is indeed Ted Turner, and his "New and Improved G-Force". Ryu flies the Phoenix to Macross Island, and lands it in an area located by June which will allow it to remain undetected while they carry out their mission. While scouting the island, the Japanese Gatchaman encounter Ace Goodheart's team. The Ninja Team fights its way past Ace Goodheart's G-Force, and proceed to infiltrate Ted Turner's base. While searching for Ted Turner himself, the Japanese Gatchaman encounter Ace Goodheart's team yet again. This time, a battle to the death ensues and the Japanese Gatchaman quickly dispose of the "New and Improved G-Force." However, the battle gives Ted Turner enough time to escape in his flying Monster-Base. Once they realize Ted Turner has escaped, the Japanese Gatchaman quickly pursue his ship in the Phoenix.

Back at Gatchaman headquarters, Elvis is kidnaped by members of the Sandy Frank Fan Appreciation Society, and brought before Zoltar. Zoltar threatens Elvis that unless he calls off the Japanese Gatchaman, Zoltar will force him to "watch every single episode of 'Battle of the Planets' ". Just as the Phoenix is closing on Ted Turner's ship, Ken is informed that Elvis has been kidnaped by Zoltar. The Japanese Gatchaman decide to continue with the mission to destroy Ted Turner, and to rescue Elvis once the primary mission is completed. They then board Ted Turner's craft, but are lured into an ambush in the hanger bay, consisting of Ted Turner himself, his guards, and the Atlanta Hawks. In the ensuing combat, the Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman manage to kill everyone in the bay with the exception of Turner, who manages to escape. The Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman manage to get off Ted Turner's ship just as all the bombs Jun placed on board explode. For a few moments, the Japanese Gatchaman believe they've finally taken care of Turner when Jun picks up an escape craft moving away from the wreckage. Ken orders Ryu to pursue the ship, but reverses the order once he realizes the ship is more than a match for the Phoenix, and it is now turning to fight. In one last desperate effort to defeat Ted Turner, Ken transmutes the Gatchaman craft into the Fiery Phoenix, and destroys Ted Turner's ship high above the Earth.

Meanwhile, back at Sandy Frank Headquarters, Zoltar realizes that the Japanese Gatchaman will probably arrive soon to rescue Elvis, and is not terribly surprised as Ken and the others crash through his ceiling. Their feelings of victory soon vanish as they discover that Zoltar is not actually on board the base, and was just projecting a holographic image of himself to Elvis and the Team. As the Phoenix heads back to base, Elvis informs them that search teams went over the wreckage of Ted Turner's escape craft, but could not find his body. Based on this and other evidence, Elvis believes Ted Turner survived, and is even now plotting his revenge against the Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman. Ken simply replies, "Whatever". As the Phoenix flies off into the distance, the words "TO BE CONTINUED..." appear. (35 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Ninja Team Gatchaman (Part 1): 7-Zark-7 Must Die!"

Bring me the Head of Sandy Frank!

(1997) - The story opens with Joe taking target practice in the desert. Elvis informs Joe that Zoltar has reappeared, and that there will be a team meeting in one hour. As Joe prepares to head out, his mobile home is surrounded and attacked by the forces of SPECTRA. After a fair bit of combat, Joe disguises himself as a SPECTRA agent and infiltrates Zoltar's main base. Meanwhile Zoltar himself contacts Elvis and the other world leaders. Zoltar informs them that Sandy Frank Enterprises has created the Ultimate Universal Doomsday Device, and that he will use it unless the world agrees to his demands (which include calling off further attacks by the Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman, and making him the host of Cartoon Planet). Elvis, who thinks that Zoltar is bluffing, decides to send in the Ninja Team Gatchaman anyway. Meanwhile, as Joe attempts to contact his teammates, he is caught red-handed by Zoltar who informs Joe that their signal jamming shield reflects all illegal signals back to their source. After a short combat, Joe is captured by Zoltar and SPECTRA. Meanwhile, as the Ninja Team Gatchaman head out to find and engage Zoltar, they are intercepted by Ted Turner himself, who now believes he has sufficient forces to destroy the Japanese Ninja Team Gatchaman once and for all. After yet another fierce battle, the Ninja Team Gatchaman proves Ted Turner wrong and FINALLY kills him for his crimes against anime fandom. As the Ninja Team Gatchaman approach and penetrate the cloaking shield surrounding Zoltar's base, they pick up Joe's emergency signal. Ken decides to break into the base and rescue Joe. As the members of Ninja Team Gatchaman fly the Phoenix directly into the base, and start to kill the guards defending it, Joe is released from captivity by Jameson Brewer (who wrote all the Battle of the Planets episodes, and has stopped being Sandy Frank's lackey). Jameson Brewer gives Joe back his transmutation device and informs Joe that Sandy Frank is in the main control room. Joe then kills Jameson Brewer and heads out to join his teammates. Joe shows up just as Jun is finishing off the last of Zoltar's guards. He tells the team where to find Sandy Frank, and they head off to complete their mission. Once in the control room, the Ninja Team Gatchaman discover that Sandy Frank and Zoltar are one and the same person. Sandy explains that when the original Zoltar died, Sandy took his identity saying that "being the executive producer of Battle of the Planets, I could get away with this." In the end, Ken delivers the fatal blow to Zoltar/Sandy Frank, but not before Sandy manages to activate the Ultimate Universal Doomsday Device. Just before he dies, Sandy Frank tells the Ninja Team Gatchaman that they have twenty minutes before all life on the planet ends. As the Ninja Team Gatchaman take the Phoenix into space in an attempt to stop the device from activating, Elvis informs them that the Ultimate Universal Doomsday Device is a large microwave transmitter that is designed to broadcast all the Battle of the Planets T.V. episodes simultaneously in one quick burst. Elvis tells them that the energy released by this broadcast is so powerful, "that it will fry every living thing on the planet Earth like a peanut butter and banana sandwich." The only way to stop it is to use the Phoenix's Super Bird missile; but that there is a good chance that the Phoenix will be destroyed in the blast, or that the Ninja Team Gatchaman will all die a slow death from radiation poisoning. Like the true heroes they are, the Ninja Team Gatchaman fires the missile and destroys Sandy Frank's transmitter, thus saving the world. As the story ends, the audience is left wondering whether the members of Ninja Team Gatchaman are still alive. Your guess is as good as ours. (35 minutes)

Go behind the scenes of "Ninja Team Gatchaman (Part 2): Bring me the Head of Sandy Frank!"


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